Issue 20: ​2021 Mission to Mars .                     
Abu Dhabi has excellent transportation infrastructure that is expanding on an annual basis. But expanding, maintaining, repairing and cleaning the emirate’s extensive road system comes at a huge cost to the government. Introducing a toll road system would ease this financial burden.​
The Yas Links Golf Course has been voted as one of the world’s best and placed Abu Dhabi firmly on the golf tourism map. With Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority setting up a powerful Industry Development Committee, these figures are set to soar.​​

The opening of the International Renewable Energy Agency’s global headquarters on 2 June in Abu Dhabi’s clean-tech-focused free zone, Masdar City, is a clear indication that renewable energy has a large role to play in the emirate’s future

Emirati women are the best educated in the MENA region and around 44 per cent of them are economically active. The creation of the UAE Gender Balance Council aims to further reduce the gender gap at work and strengthen the country’s economic competitiveness​.

Omran Sharaf, the Project Manager of the United Arab Emirates’ first Mission to Mars and the Director of the Programmes Management Department at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, outlines the many benefits that reaching Mars will have for the country

The UAE’s Mars Mission plans to send an unmanned probe to the red planet to coincide with the country’s 50th anniversary in 2021. But its main aim is to further innovation, diversify the economy and build on the country’s technical expertise.

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