Working With ADCED
HR & Corporate Social Responsibility
Our approach in the Support Services Division is characterized by an aspiration for continual improvement and refinement to ensure that ADCED has the necessary organizational frameworks and tools to reach its goals. Our achievements show that we are an organisation that has grown up fast. We have accomplished a great amount in a short time. Of course, it is natural that we should wish for even higher levels of achievement: we continually try to excel and set targets that are very ambitious.

We have in place a first-class training framework that provides our managers and employees with clear routes to enable the learning of new skills. In addition, we have implemented best practice policies in a number of areas including HR, procurement, finance and training, and introduced a 360-degree appraisal system for all employees. This technique of assessing staff performance has been very valuable. It provides a platform for the opinions of employees to be heard. As we strive to improve the skills and knowledge of our people, this helps to gain understanding and plan future development programmes.

Developing our employees
ADCED seeks to attract talented people and help them progress, so that they are able to broaden their skills to perform at the highest level. In this regard, ADCED has actively sought to foster an environment where learning has a central role. Improving our knowledge and understanding is fundamental to the work that we do. ADCED takes a proactive approach to training, with managers and employees seeking to identify learning opportunities and build these into employees’ Personal Development Plans (PDP).