ADCED provides the platform for the government and private sector to work together securing a sustainable future for Abu Dhabi. This is based on developing the non-oil service, sectors such as tourism and financial services, as well as non-oil productive industries such as petrochemical, aluminum and steel.

Through ADCED, the government aims to bolster economic development in Abu Dhabi. ADCED will foster private-public sector partnerships and encourage a free exchange of ideas in the role of advisor and facilitator.

ADCED strategic objectives focus on four areas:

Policy recommendations

ADCED advises the government on public policy to ensure sustainable economic development and catalyze the creation of an international economic hub in Abu Dhabi.

Innovation and excellence in policy development

As part of advising the government on public policy, ADCED uses cutting edge research and best-in class modeling techniques.

Stakeholder networks

ADCED provides the forum for open debate on economic issues between the leaders of Abu Dhabi government, business, academia and the community. Based on this feedback, ADCED makes public policy recommendations related to economic development.

Initiative implementation

In its capacity as a facilitator, ADCED is mandated to make recommended initiatives happen and to liaise with stakeholders to ensure proper progress and execution.